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It Takes More Than You Alone


Alicia Figueras-Lambert

I'm just an everyday kind of girl trying to do the right thing for my health and the health of others.  I'm Raising HEALTH, through this platform and many others to affect change.   The more VLOGS I put out, the more people wanted to see and hear and the more folks ordered the X39 Patch. 

Join me, join the fight, join the movement of
I'M RAISING HEALTH!  Please click and share my link below with the world.  My direct number 631-741-5616 


Live Testimony

November 2022  -  Preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 6, constantly on my feet was so painful! I suffer from arthritis in my lower back.  Doctors said it is something I have to live with. 

December 2022 -  I had my daughters over for Christmas and I found myself grateful that they were there to help prepare dinner as I sat and prepared food.  

January - February 2023 -   So now I pace myself knowing that its just a matter of time before my back goes out again or gives me pain from doing too much. 


March 2023 -  I recently went to Vegas and as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  Not this time!  I met an amazing woman that turned me on to the X39 Patch and it has literally changed my life.  There is so much to tell about my progress, what I can now do, how great I feel.  I can go on for many paragraphs!  So all I am doing now is shouting it from the rafters, how great this product is.  Follow me as I'm Raising Health!

March 25, 2023 - I woke up this morning, did chores, mopped all the floors and changed the linen, attended an open house for a new gym, walked all around, visited a 3 story town house for viewing and then drove for an hour each way to go swimming for an hour.  This would never had been possible this time last year. 

March 26, 2023 - and I feel so great.  Just want you to feel as great as I do.

March 27, 2023 - so this morning for the first time, I played PICKLEBALL and I played for an hour.  Felt good and great workout.  Now it;s 11pm and I still feel good and getting ready to shower and see what the bedroom has to offer (wink, wink), goodnight.

April 1, 2023 - today makes one month on the patch and I'm telling you, I feel AMAZING!  Everywhere I go I try to share the benefits I have had.  One can only share their perception.  For OUR perception is OUR reality.  I want you to have yours.

April 29, 2023 - my story is the same on how great I feel.  I coordinate an adult social group at the local YMCA. A majority of the members are older than I however, they are active through the YMCA.  A few have experienced the X39 patch and swear by it as well.  What can I say besides, try it.  Contact me direct for samples.  I want to change your world 631-741-5616.

May 27, 2023 - maybe because of my age and my peers, but I have been meeting more and more people with ailments, pain and issues.  When I share the facts about the patch, people respond as though it's too good to be true.  Yes, it is and yes, it is.  My level of energy is off the charts naturally, since wearing the energy level is off the universe! Hence, I stay on top of the world!!!

JANUARY 19, 2024 - Wow, it's been a journey.  I have been off the patch and have not missed the affects because I have become more active.  Walking 2.5-mile route when I make it, bowling, and belly dancing.  Hey, it's my journey.  Still love to eat but those full pints of Ben & Jerry, Phish Food nights are OVER!  

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