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It Takes More Than You Alone

If you think you can live healthy without a support system, you are the lucky one.  If not, it takes so much more than you alone to guide you, encourage you,
mentor you and stand in the gaps that you will find yourself in.


Alicia Figueras-Lambert

I'm just an everyday kind a girl trying to do the right thing for my health and the health of others.  I'm Raising HEALTH, through this platform and many others to affect change.  After this long pandemic, I know many of us have cabin fever and have put on some pounds staying at home more often.  I know I have.  A year after getting involved with a company with over 63 successful years under its belt, I felt compelled to begin to share my little successes and great recipes with the world.  I started with short VLOGS and folks loved them and wanted more.  The more VLOGS I put out, the more people wanted to hear more and ordered products.

Join me, join the fight, join the movement of
I'M RAISING HEALTH!  Please click and share my link below with the world.  My direct number 631-741-5616

Life Experience

Started this journey weighing in at 280 pounds (May 1, 2021).  I am walking, parking my car far from building and drinking lots of water.  Next update June 1st.

JUNE 2021 UPDATE:  So the month of May was challenging but I was able to get a good start on walking consistently.  Lost 6 pounds, setting better goals for June...pray for me.

SEPTEMBER 2022 UPDATE:  so, I welcome myself back with open arms.  I have lost both my parents withing a 5-month period, relocated out of state and am now settled and have exhaled.  It's been quite a year and emotional eating has been my comfort.  So, I have gotten back on the wagon now weighing in at 275, under doctors' supervision, daily exercising and being mindful of what I put in my mouth.  I no longer eat anything after 7pm.  That alone has been a huge improvement and no more trips to CARVEL.  I'm keeping it real.  Stick with me as I need your support and I will support you along the way.  HYDRATE!

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