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The Patch

Proven and shared non transdermal natural patch to reduce anxiety and inflammation.


A Day in the Life 


Place Patch
(12 hours on)
(12 hours off)


“When I saw Alicia this past March, I couldn't believe how flexible she was.  She had for the longest complained about lower back pain.  When I saw her I asked her what she was doing and she shared her experience regarding the X39 Patch.  I told her to place an order for me immediately! Thank you Alicia for raising health!”

Stan, Charlotte, NC

“My daughter knows the trouble I have with my achy joints.  She gave me 2 X39 Patches to try, and I'm telling you, I was able to go!  I'm 74 years old and I am getting out of bed easier and now walking. To be honest, I feel a little younger"

Ed, Orlando, FL

“I was very reluctant to try new products. I suffer from hip pain and I am awaiting surgery.  I tried the X39 Patch and within 5 minutes, I felt the patch working.  It gave me a soothing feel and I now use it daily as I await surgery.  It really works and I'm glad I have it.”

Dianne, Hampton, VA

“I am a 73 year old man that thought I couldn't do anything to boost my energy level.  When I was introduced to the X39 Patch, my life changed.  I'm serious.  I found myself doing things I forgot I could do, my endurance was elevated and just had an overall uplift of energy.  Today, I swear by them." 

James, Bay Shore, NY

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